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    Sharpen then render causing lines


      I'm having a problem when I sharpen a video, then render it, it causes some sort of weird interference; like blur and horizontal lines. It's only when it's rendered though. If I don't render, it doesn't cause the issue. Also, I can scroll through the sharpen percentage, and only the percentage I render at, will give the effect. Other percentages will not be affected.


      Properties: 1920x1080 30fps progressive 30Mbps

      I'm encoding to H.264 1920x1080 30fps progressive 30Mbps

      The export shouldn't make a difference though, as I can see the interference in the sequence preview.

      The sequence is made from the clip, if that helps to note.


      Here take a look:


      Rendered (sharpened at 10)


      Not rendered (sharpened at 11):



      Let me tell you, this is annoying.