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    DW CS5 crashes computer

    Jeff Sydor Level 1

      I have an odd problem that has only started within the last couple of months.


      I'm using dreamweaver cs5 (not 5.5) on Mac OS X 10.6.8.


      Occasionally when I am working in DW, my computer locks itself up and freezes my OS.


      1. I'll be working in DW
      2. DW stops responding
      3. I'll try force quit (which doesn't show up)
      4. I'll try to switch applications (doesn't work)
      5. I'll try to force quit DW from the dock (whole OS stalls)


      This is only with DW and no other program. I am forced to do a hard reboot and start all over.


      This doesn't happen with the same files or on certain events (that I'm aware of). It seems to happen at random and with no errors being logged. I've already tried deleting DW and reinstalling it and this has not helped. DW is updated to it's latest version (for CS5).


      Attached are images (poor quality, taken with phone since computer froze)


      photo 1-1.jpgphoto 2-1.jpg