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    Audio Effects sound different after export



      I am trying to design sound in Premiere Prio CS6.

      I use audio effects such as Pitchshifter, Bass and Treble to design my sounds. In the timeline, after I have finished adding effects to my sounds, they sound the way I want them to. However, when I export everything, they sound different. Why is that? How can I fix this problem?

      I export with these settings:

      Format: H.264

      Preset: Youtube HD 1080p 23.976

      File Type: mp4

      Audio Format: AAC

      Audio Codec: AAC

      Sample Rate: 48000 Hz

      Channels: Stereo

      Audio Quality: High

      Bitrate Settings [kbps]: 256

      Precedence: Bitrate


      Any help would be appreciated.