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    Linking options for Word documents

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      This question was posted in response to the following article: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/robohelp/robohtml/WS5DFA0634-079B-4265-89D7-2A59540BAB2D.html

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          I'm a new user to RoboHelp10 and, based on research I've done online, I think the best use of the product for me is to link to previously-created word documents in order to create my online help project, since they are set up in a way that will translate into the topics.   I am trying to create a project and to link documents instead of importing them, since I think from a maintenance perspective, this will be better long-term.  I am also considering my company's my company's version control processes already in place.  I chose to "Create a Copy and Link" so all the linked files are contained within the project itself, and I generated the topic for the document I'm working with right now.  I then updated the Word document (via RoboHelp) and based on the help topic in "help.adobe.com/en_US/robohelp/robohtml/WS5DFA0634-079B-4265-89D7-2A59540BAB2D.html#commu nity" I thought that updating the Word document would automatically update the topic(s) linked to it, as long as I updated the copy of the document that RoboHelp created (and I actually did this by right-clicking on the doucment and chosing edit).  I saved and closed the Word document, and when I didn't see the topic updated, I right-clicked on the linked document but could not select Update (it's grayed out).  If I choose Force Update I am then able to see my updates from the document to the topic.  I don't understand why RoboHelp isn't recognizing the changes I make to the documents that are linked via "Create a Copy and Link".  Can someone tell me what step I'm missing?  And, even better, if you can understand my intntions above, and can recommend a better way to set up my project, that would be even better.  Thank you, and have a great day!!!

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            I’d recommend checking out Peter Grainge’s site – grainge.org for linking advice

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              Hello I was wondering how your coming along with this linking business.