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    Why not animate and interact with sounds as well as visual ?


      Dear Edge users and programmers,


      Why having to bother with code to play sound samples, connect them to actions, control them etc. ?

      It is like having to learn mechanics to open doors.

      It is unnecessary !


      The hole idea about an authoring tool is to allow the best creators : artists, designers, users of all kinds ; to make complete, full mutimedia, interactive animations (with sound) and publish them on mobile plateforms as well as on any other.

      At the moment we are going backwards on this matter.

      Who's profit is to make tools that are day after day becoming unsuable and therefore useless ?


      Cinema has used sounds for a long time and it works everyday better.


      Edge should defenetely include all the necessary sound interaction well known features.


      Best regards

      Roland Cahen

      Composer, sound designer