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    Simulation to MP4: Distorted Slides or Audio

    Mina MMMH



      I mainly use software simulation. However, when I publish the video for YouTube, the MP4 includes some visually distorted slides (e.g. with parts of two slides on each other or with red blocks), as well as missing mouse clicks, and "poff" sounds and/or spoilt parts at the beginning of auido on a slide. Sometimes, when I republish the problem disappears from one section and appears in another section.


      I tried both Windows 7 (even a newly installed OS) and Mac OS 10.6.8.


      Sometimes, the problem was just in the player; but I have tried several players and the problem appears on all of them.


      For the audio, I use the TTS NeoSpeech Adobe plugin.


      I use the latest Adobe Captivate version


      I have files showing the problems with their corresponding project files, but I cannot publish them publicly. If someone from the Adobe Support can contact me so that I send them the files, I will highly appreciate that.


      Kind regards,