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    Strange <a> behavior in XML file

      I want to make a dynamic text that: [LIST=1]
      [*]is scrollable
      [*]it has an ability to increase or decrease font size
      [*]contains images wrapped in <a> tags
      [*]the content is loaded from an external XML file (I know that right now using XML seems like going on the hard way, but later I will need it, so please don't suggest omitting the XML way.)
      [*]in needs to be Action Script 2, and the site must work on Internet Explorer 6 (this is the dire need of my clients, sorry)[/LIST]I managed to get this working: [URL]http://www.ctdd.ro/izorep/[/URL]
      The problem is - as you can see - with the image in the upper right corner of the dynamic text. Try for yourself since it's rather hard to describe. I can click on it and nothing happens. (Right click gives open in a new window and open, but left click fails to work.)

      This is the script it does the loading part, alma is the current size set by the magnifying glasses at bottom of the page.

      The function meretez does the resizing part, that seems to work.

      The home.xml can be found here: [URL]http://www.ctdd.ro/izorep/home.xml[/URL]

      I hope someone could help me.

      P.S.: The myHome_txt is a dynamic text with embedded Minon Pro, and it's inside a myHome movie clip. And now the code: