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    Help on serverbehavior DW file issue

    JFWily2 Level 1

      I've been receiving several error messages upon opening a .php file which contains a recordset to MySQL database.  The messages are listed:

      1.)The check new Username2 script does not define the findserverbehaviors Function

      2.)The DynAttribute script does not definethe findserverbehaviors Function


      Also when trying to add a recordset to a new .php file the following message displays upon clicking "recordset" in dialogue box... 'the insertrecord script does not define the findserverbehavior Function'


      I've looked for the WinCache.dat file to delete according to instructions of troublingshoot script file error messages a la D. Powers, but I can't locate the file in any of my configuration folders. I've looked at the recordset.js and can't imagine that it's corrupted as it's never been touched before.  Also my serverbehavior.xml file exists as I understand that it's first in the call procedure for Dreamweaver when inserting a recordset. 

      I've additionally gotten the following error message upon starting DW and read through these instructions http://forums.adobe.com/message/4838277#4838277 but again can't seem to locate the WinCache.dat file

      DW error.jpg

      ?? Thank You!