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    Text Tool Error?




      The Text Tool dialog box for typing/pasting text is no longer accessible. (Double-clicking or right-clicking and selecting Edit Text on any text field should open this dialog box.) 


      The blue text field is still available and I can paste or type text directly into it, but it is rather awkward to control. 


      Before this error occured, an unrecognized task had appeared on my taskbar which I closed without knowing what it was.


      This error now occurs in all Edge files.


      Is it possible I have diabled a feature in the software?


      I have booted without result. 



      Win7 64bit


      There is no repair option in the software installer. If I uninstall manually, will I be allowed to reinstall via my CC account?



      RT Simon 

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          civet_drM Level 1

          same to me!
          I don't know why casue an text editing error. when I close the unrecognized task on taskbar. Text editing tool does not appear anymore, no matter how I restart edge animate or restart system.


          the only way is reinstall edge animate ?

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            hemanthR Adobe Employee

            HI,AS long as the your CC subscription is active you can uninstall and re-install.


            OK coming to text error

            Does the text pop not appear if you create a new file in Edge Aniamte and draw text field on stage?


            If its not opening up,Can you clear your preference and create a new file and draw text field

            Guide to clearing prefernence here : http://helpx.adobe.com/edge-animate/kb/restore-preferences-edge-animate.html



            Text popup will not open if you have created a HTML page/text element outside of aniamte and opened up the file in Animate

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