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    Baseline Grid question


      I inherited a text heavy, 16pg, 3 column newsletter that was kind of messed up. It's biggest problem was that it used vertical type alignment since the client wanted the text in each column to align top and bottom (no rag bottom allowed). Anyway, the copy is Adobe Garamond 11/15. I took things out of vertical align and put it on a baseline grid of 15pt. Everything has been somewhat ok, although now the client wants some different spacing between paragraphs and bulleted and number lists—for the most part I was using a single line space after the last bullet and before the next paragraph. They now would like a half line space before the 1st bullet as well.

      So not a baseline grid expert, but pretty well-versed in InDesign (CS6), I've been trying to see if I can accomodate this request. I've tried a few things with no success, mostly because I can't seem to maintain the bottom column alignment (i.e., they want all the columns to end at the same point). I've tried changing my grid to 7.5pt and using that spacing before the first bullet and 15pt after the last, but things get messed up, especially when the bulleted type goes from one column to another. Also tried a 3pt grid to see if that might work. Got things closer, but still the bottom of the column problem. Also tried taking things completely off the grid but no luck

      Is this an impossible task becuase of the bottom column alignment problem? Any other suggestions?



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You've put yourself into an impossible box. Unless all of the space before and space after are a multiple of 15 pts you cannot lock in the value and hope that the text will always end aligned to the grid at the bottom. You could try not aligning the bullets to the grid, and that would result in some variation in the space after, but it still won't work if you have a bullet at the bottom of the column.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            I think that there are too many contradictional requirements. In general it is impossible to justify vertically and align all paragraphs to the grid and to have different spaces between paragraphs. Too many parameters.

            It remembers me, a client wanted: Make the font bigger, make more space between lines, let more white space on the border of the pages, add some text and reduce the number of pages. Not everything is possible.

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              posterns Level 1

              I figured as much. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. I told them that to maintain alignment it was not really possible especially when the bullets wrapped to another column. Just trying to manage expectations and to insure I wasn't crazy.