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    Areca 1882x speed drop with a BBU - expected?

    Alex - DV411 Level 2

      Anyone using an Areca ARC-1882x RAID controller with a BBU (Battery Backup Unit)? If so, any difference in performance with / without BBU, and did you have to change any settings?


      Here is what I am seeing on a client's Mac Pro with a CineRAID 12-bay tower SAS Expander:


      No BBU: 1000+MB/s write and 800 read speeds.

      BBU connected: 500 write and 350 read (and the read is stuttering). No background processed or anything else apparent in the dashboard.


      Areca's initial response: "When the BBU is connected, the controller will disable the disk internal cache for best data protection. A disk without internal cache will decrease performance."


      I didn't have a chance to poke around the settings yet - there's probably a way to turn the internal cache back on since to me, that's the whole point of the BBU protection - keeping the cache alive until the power is back on.


      Meantime, just I wanted to see if anyone ran into a similar issue and figured it out.