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    Hidden Buttons and Forms Printing CS6


      I'm not exactly sure how to word this but I have buttons and forms that are printing when they are not supposed to.


      This is my indd file:


      If you can see, there are 3 sections, each identical except for the fact that they have different states. If someone wants Hat 2 section, there is a button that turns on the visibility of 2 combo boxes, a text box, 6 check boxes, some normal buttons (just text and art, but they need to be buttons in order to activated with an action), and toggles the view of another button that can add another hat... kinda hard to explain, but think of it like an online form. If you need more info, clicking the button add another row.


      The issue that I'm having is that I do not want the forms that are not being used to be printed. If I don't toggle their visibility, they should be invisible and not print. This form could have anywhere from 1-20 of the forms being used at different times. They are all set to be hidden until triggered and they do exactly what I want them to and it works perfectly, until I go to print.


      This is my exported pdf:


      One row of info, the button to add a second.


      Here is what it looks like when I go to print this without touching anything:


      As you can see in the preview screen, all of the rows that I have made in the indd file are being shown as set to print. This should not be happening, but I figured maybe it was a glitch so I printed it anyway, and this came out:



      ..... Now you can see my issue. Maybe. Hopefully.


      HOWEVER. If I so modify the document, e.g. clck on the "add hat" button and then remove it, the document prints as it should. The problem is that this document will need to be set up so that the entire page is filled with invisible forms that are just waiting to be activated, but not printed.


      Wow that's a lot of info. Hopefully I was clear. Thanks for reading this all if you're still with me.


      Win7 sp1, CS6, InDesign 8.0.1, 12 gigs ram, x64

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm confused by your description. Generally, interactive PDF forms are intended to be used online. If you choose File > Export > PDF (Interactive), does the exported form work the way you expect.


          Where is the printing taking place? Within InDesign? Within Acrobat Pro after you've exported the form?

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            TomJohn Level 1

            Sorry for the confusion, it's difficult to explain.


            I was not aware that they were intended to be used online. I personally not use a pdf in an online environment, but I guess it's a matter of preference.


            Yes, the exported document works exactly as i have set it up to. All of the forms, checkboxes, and text fields behave exactly as they should and the buttons and events that I have set up work in the manner that they are expected to.


            The printing issue is taking place in Acrobat X Pro, and I have also tried it in Reader, both with the same results. I'm not sure what you mean by within acrobat pro after I've exported the form... I am not exporting anything from Acrobat.

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Have you looked at the printing attributes for your form fields when they're in Acrobat Pro? Just because you set them the way you want in InDesign doesn't mean that they haven't been changed on  the way from InDesign to Acrobat. Remember, that the forms creation feature in InDesign is version 1, and there are probably bugs. You may need to set the printing attributes within Acrobat Pro. If they're set correctly in Acrobat Pro, then you should probably ask about it on the Acrobat forums.

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                Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

                You can try exporting IDML from Indesign and see if new file behaves the same way. I have noticed that documents with many interactive elements can sometimes become broken, especially with modifying, saving, etc. And the IDML might cleanup any corruption.

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                  TomJohn Level 1

                  I initially jumped to that same conclusion that it was probably a bug in the forms as they are a new feature, but they are not the only objects that are misbehaving. There are only 3 forms in each of the sections and 14 normal buttons, so how can it be an issue with the forms? If that was the probelm, they would be the only objects that were printing incorrectly, unless there is some attribute that would apply the form's settings to all buttons... but I don't know how that's possible.




                  I tried exporting it as an idml originally, and just tried again since the file has been modified but it didn't make a diffrence in the print. Also, I just created a new very simple test document with just 4 buttons, one that shows the other 3 and it has the exact problem that my document with all of the forms has. So it can't be a corruption in my file, it has to be a broader issue.

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                    TomJohn Level 1

                    I have uploaded the exported pdf that I am having trouble with here. It functions in the browser as it should, except for some reason nothing prints when it's opened online.... GAHH. I'm using chrome.


                    The exported idml is also availible for download if you want to see how the file is structured. I have had 3 other computers try and print it with the same results, but I'm the only one who had cs6 so I don't have anyone else who can try to export it. Maybe you'll have better luck.



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                      Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

                      I downloaded your PDF and in Acrobat, the properties of all the hidden forms are applied "Hidden but printable". This does exactly that, even though the form is hidden, it will still print. In Acrobat, you can change the property to "Hidden". And this does what you want, the fields remain hidden until activated, and will not print unless visible.

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                        TomJohn Level 1

                        Thank you! That's what did it. I don't know acrobat as well as indesign and didn't realize that there were more states that you could give objects. Maybe all of that will be in Indesign in future versions, but this works great right now.


                        And to think that I was making a button that would activate and then clear the entire form.... glad I can stop doing that. ha!