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    P2 Ingest separate Audio / Video


      I'm using P2 MXF files from a Panasonic HVX200. What I need to do is have the audio and video separated to 1 silent video clip and 4 mono audio clips.


      so after ingesting the folder structure on my hard drive would be


      MEDIA ----->VIDEO/  Clip_001.mov

                   ----->AUDIO/ Clip_001_1.aiff





      I'm on OSX 10.8.2 and the software I have in use are Production Premium CS6, FCS 3, FCPX


      Any workflows that can do this to a P2 folder structure as batch are welcome.



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          You have this already with the native files.  Why convert?

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            o.f. Level 1

            Well first off I'm really not a big fan of the MXF folder structure. I'd like to break up the files like I explained, not by converting but wrapping the video to a quicktime file, like FCP does with ingesting, but also I'd just liked to have the video on the quicktime file and the audio as 4 separate AIFF or WAVE mono tracks. Once that is done I can bring all the files inside Premiere and link the audio tracks I want to use with the video tracks.


            The "why" I want to do this is a procedural workflow I'm experimenting between AE and Premiere via dynamic link and having the files separated and named correctly on the hard drive will make my life easier when I'm linking the audio files to either the original video or the processed video.


            Best workflow I have now is to ingest with FCP7 which wraps the files inside one quicktime and then import the files to Cubase 7 which lets me break up the audio components to mono tracks. Then I need to re-ingest all the files without audio so I get video only quicktime files of the video. Then I make a folder structure to my Project folder with the Audio and Video separated and import the files into Premiere. I also open up all my video into AE and make compositions for all and then import the project into Premiere. This let's me have Dynamic Link to AE without loosing the ability to trim and it's easy to link the audio to the AE comps.


            A bit complex for such basic tasks I'd say.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              I think you're creating unnecessary work and headaches for yourself here.  If you've switched from FCP to PP, then give up the old ways and do things the Adobe way.  You're life will be a lot easier.

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                o.f. Level 1

                This is the way I want to do it


                I know I can just browse to the P2 folder inside Premiere and import all the clips to a bin, whoop it into the timeline and start editing. This is not the problem. I need to know if there is a way for me to break up the file to 1 video and 4 mono audio files inside Premiere. This is a crucial step for the workflow im trying to achieve. I know it may sound a bit strange.


                So in short, I have 100 imported MXF files inside premiere. I want to batch export to a folder on my hard drive so I end up with 1 video, 4 mono audio per clip. Can this be done?


                I've tried loading up the native MXF into Adobe Media Encoder but it seems it cannot export the audio tracks separately. Only a mono, or stereo track.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  P2 comes as 1 video file and 4 separate audio files.  PP is smart enough to join them together and treat them properly as a clip, but on the hard drive, they are separate.  No need to convert.


                  And no, PP can't do this easily as a batch.  You'd have to set up every export individually - every video file, every audio file.