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    Cant import a video




      I have recordings that I recorded in MPEG-TS Video File (.M2TS), now it doesn't matter how long the video is that i recorded, 15 mins or 10 hrs, I can always import these to CS5 with no issue.


      I imported a TS video file into CS5 which was about 10 hrs long, imported it no problems at all and rendered the video in a Windows Media Video File (720 HD), after cutting out everything, the film was about 3hrs long.


      However, there is a clip (about 10mins) on this video that I want to render, and whenever I try to import the Windows Media Video File (.wmv) file, my CS5 keeps crashing, doesn't matter how many times that I try it, its always the same, crashes.


      I don't have the original source, I deleted it after the video got rendered.


      Why do u think this would be, and is there anyway around this?


      Also, going OT, when I try and watch the rendered video, the one which is 3hrs long, I cant skip to the end of it, it doesn't matter with software that I use to watch it back, they all crash, would you know why is would be?