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    CFINDEX errors and warnings?

    mkane1 Level 1

      Where can I find an explanation of the errors returned by cfindex? I'm trying to index some Word documents (some .docx and some .doc), and getting many "badkey" errors about "Invalid document ID/key. (-25)" as well as "KV failed on filtering document: error = 12" and "Stream error (-140) - SKIPPING". I did some searching, and find a few discussions about problems with PDFs, but nothing helpful. It would be nice to know what the errors mean.


      I'm running CF 9.0.1

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          AlbusTeck Adobe Employee



          Have you checked error.logs and exception.logs ? If there are few documents then you can follow reverse engineering process to narrow down the issue. It could be possible some word document is not liking to be indexed in ColdFusion.




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            mkane1 Level 1

            Swaraj, thanks for the reply. I took another approach: instead of using a Verity collection, I created a Solr one. I changed nothing else about the indexing process and code, Solr happily indexed all of the documents without error.


            One reason I did that is because in researching the problem I read that Adobe is dropping Verity from future versions of Cold Fusion. I guess that's best for the majority, but personally, I found Verity to be easier to use for the fairly simple search interfaces I have implemented.


            In any event, I do think that Adobe should provide documentation on error codes and such. I think it rather absurd that the Status attribute on their CFML Reference page for cfindex has "BADKEYS", described as "A structure of keys with diagnostic messages about the indexing ...", but no details or resources about those "diagnostic messages".



            - Michael