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    cfinput datefield alignment


      I've seen a couple posts about this on a couple different sites/blogs, but no solutions, so I figured I'd post the question myself and see if anyone's come up with any workarounds or alternatives.


      I love the functionality of the cfinput type="datefield", but I'm having the common problem that I cannot get it to display inline. For example, I'm working on a calendar, and on the create_event.cfm page, I want to use these inputs for the dates and for repeating event options. The line I'm trying to have on the page is:


      Repeat daily until <cfinput type="datefield" name="repeatuntil">


      However, when the page loads, because of the <div> tag and css that CF automatically generates, it aligns the datefield to the left, as if it was written like this:


      <cfinput type="datefield" name"repeatuntil"> Repeat daily until


      Does anyone know a way to override the automatically generated css to get it to display where I want it? If not, does anyone know of a good alternative where I can still have the input field with a poput calendar to choose a date?


      Would appreciate any help. Thanks so much!