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    My First Attempt: Export to iOS

    oldschoolmx Level 1

      I tried to export and I get this message in the Console:

      /usr/bin/xcrun, /usr/bin/codesign or /usr/bin/codesign_allocate does not exist. These are required for publishing.


      I just purchased the Apple developer program and have the latest xCode installed. So what is missing?

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          While I haven't used the iOS export functionality, my understanding of most issues to date is that you need to install the command line tools

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            oldschoolmx Level 1

            Sean, I did install the command line tools and got one step further.


            But now I'll need to learn about--and aquire/configure the iOS certificates and provisioning files. Aggh... Apple insists on making it more complex than mac/win projectors or shockwave. (Although I do in truth appreciate their security measures.)


            Maybe this weekend I can get it sorted out.

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              rlv360 Level 1

              We got everything set up on our license (i think). I'll document the process as best i can at some point.


              I finally hit the Publish button and got the following message:

              Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 00.01.35.png

              Clicking on more info takes you to this:

              http://helpx.adobe.com/director/using/publishing-ios-devices-using-director.html#main-pars _header


              Which directs you to here:


              Which has this:



              Which says you need to read and action this:

              2.Notification of iOS Apps for the App Store. In the event the Customer uses the Software to develop an iOS App, it shall provide written notification to Adobe at DIR-PUBLISH@ADOBE.COM in order to procure an encrypted utility function from Adobe as envisaged in these Supplemental Terms and Conditions. Such notification shall include the following details:

              Name of the Customer (publisher of the iOS Apps);

              (ii) Name of the iOS Apps;

              (iii) ‘App Bundle Identifier’ as generated from the App Store for the iOS App; and

              (iv) license key for the Software which is provided by Adobe to Customer at the time of purchase of the Software license in accordance with the EULA.


              Which i have now done and no reply yet...


              I don't think 10% of the remaining money from Apple is too much to pay. At the end of the day it's 7% of the total App revenues over $20,000, you keep 90% of your remaining royalty, and i suspect that most Apps never hit this. Reading the EULA I can see no reason you can't re-implement your 'prototype' in Objective-C once you hit a revenue target. You have design rights in your UI and copyright in your Lingo code.


              You'd have to have a hot selling App to make it worth investing the future savings of 7% in the development of an Objective C version.

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                oldschoolmx Level 1

                Interesting perspective, rlv360.


                I'm as likely to be developing B2B or inhouse corporate apps, so I don't envision Adobe's 10% commission would impact me at all in those instances. I might maybe have interest in commercial apps down the road...


                At this point I'm just trying to test a simple app on my IPad and iPhone. Is it your opinion that developers will need to get an Adobe license key (and or encryption tool) to simply test early-development apps on local iOS devices?

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                  rlv360 Level 1

                  Thanks oldschool, I think i'll mostly be in the same boat on in-house and Enterprise. I haven't managed to deploy to a device yet using adhoc because the apple Distribution Provisioning Profiles area is down at the moment (for maintenance). The DIR-PUBLISH@ADOBE.COM team seemed helpful and had obviously got the training to support people deploying Apps from Director to the App store or for testing. They haven't yet answered on Enterprise...

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                    I've managed to convert some old stuff to my iPad2, and it runs pretty slow....


                    I'm curious, has anyone found a way to acess IAP within director, or to call up the IOS keyboard for text entry?

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                      oldschoolmx Level 1



                      What type of content was it? What is the frame rate of the Director movie and what would you guess was you were getting in playback on iOS?

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                        doho123 Level 1

                        "What type of content was it? What is the frame rate of the Director movie and what would you guess was you were getting in playback on iOS?"


                        Basically, it's lingo-heavy sprite manipulation. We use Director primairly for very fast prototyping of game ideas and game presentation testing...with the idea that we are trying to come up with new, patentable game ideas for casinos. Occasionally, when we get some down time, we clean up the prototypes and put them on our website.


                        Lately, we've been getting email requests for "Hey, when are you going to put out game X on iPad". So this Director-for-iOS seemed like a good solution. But everything runs much slower than we need.


                        I guess I should also note that I have not tried to optimize anything for the iOS versions. The iOS versions have audio issues and broken font issues, which are both understandable and known issues. I have not resized the director files to "fill the screen" for iOS (I don't know at this point if Director can return the current window size of an iOS device and re-size the stage appropriately). I merely "turned the crank" to output an iOS app from the original files. Overall, it was a nice surprise to see that touches were automotaically converted to mouse clicks, so I didn't have to write any additional scripting to handle the touches.


                        Here is our website: http://www.ledgaming.com/ You can play a library of our games there (some are pretty old). 


                        Now, some games, like the "Elvis Multi-Strike" and "Triple Diamond Multi-Strike" games I can understand running slow on IOS. There's a TON of wackiness going on behind the scenes to handle all of the scaling and z-order changes. Both of these games are essentially unplayable on my iPad2.


                        On the other hand, Cash King Checkers, which has very little going on, probably pokes along at (my guessimate) about 1/3 the speed. Multi-Strike Poker Ultra Deluxe  runs at about half speed, or less, depending on which version is being played inside the game.


                        As another side note, I was impressed that Multi-Strike Poker Ultra Deluxe on iOS went out and correctly fetched the high score tables. I wasn't expecting that to happen.


                        At some point, I will probably spend some time experimenting with one of the games to clean up some of the iOS issues (like fixing the sound types and font issues) to see if that affects the speed of the games at all. But it's a low priority because of the various things that are missing, like access to in-app purchases and the iOS keyboard for text entry (unless someone has found a way to get access to those elements).

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                          oldschoolmx Level 1

                          Very helpful post doho123. I'm not surprised that things are slow because bitmap sprites aren't particularly fast. I'd guess that is a function of the GPU rather than CPU and I doubt Adobe has done much to optimize performance. Even Flash iOS game play has was stinky at first. They've started to get some optimization lately.


                          Here is info about Adobe's use of OpenGL ES 1.1 hardware acceleration:



                          This is applicable to the Flash "Packager for iPhone." I'm of course doubful that it applies to Director at this point. Who knows.


                          Here is one general tip from the link that might be valuable info:


                          The GPU also uses iPhone RAM to store bitmap images. It uses as least as much memory as is needed for the bitmap images.

                          The GPU uses memory allocations that are powers of 2 for each dimension of the bitmap image. For example, the GPU can reserve memory in 512 x 1024 or 8 x 32 sizes. So a 9 x 15-pixel image takes up the same amount of memory as a 16 x 16-pixel image. For cached display objects, you may want to use dimensions that are close to powers of 2 (but not more) in each direction. For example, it is more efficient to use a 32 x 16-pixel display object than a 33 x 17-pixel display object.

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                            How did you get it to work?  I can't get Director to spit out a .ipa file.  I think I've done all the provisioning stuff properly, the certificate thing is a bit confusing but I think I got that right as well.  But when I hit Publish, I see it build a .cct file then nothing.  Any idea what am I doing wrong?

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                              JeremyNeish Level 1

                              I've made some progress, I was able to create the .ipa, but now Xcode is giving me a new error when I try to add the .ipa file to my device:


                                   The executable was signed with invalid entitlements.

                                   The entitlements specified in your application’s Code Signing Entitlements file do not match those specified in your provisioning profile.


                              I see that Adobe includes a sample Entitlements.plist, but I don't know what to do with it or where to put it.

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                                JeremyNeish Level 1

                                Okay I figured it out.  We had the wrong App Bundle Identifier string.


                                And yeah holy COW is sprite animation ever SLLLOOWWW...  I'm on an iPad 3 and it's easily 3-4 times slower than in Director.  I've always maintained that Director should be a great platform for iOS, considering the fact that we were doing fairly complex animations way back on 50MHz Macs, so a 1GHz iPad should breeze through it... apparently not.

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                                  oldschoolmx Level 1

                                  Jeremy, I'm still swamped in other projects, but look forward to trying it out. Curious about your work and progress. How big were your sprites? Did they feature an alpha channel?


                                  So I'm guessing your functional frame rate dropped from say 25 to about 8fps? Do you think you'll find iOS and Director usable, or is it a no-go?

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                                    Vaughn Botha

                                    Struggled a bit with this one as well. Although we have had an Apple developer account for 2 years, my business partner has done all the ios projects so I was hitting this one fresh. Couple of pointers.

                                    1. You have to turn on the command line tools in Xcode (go to preferences, select downloads, install command line tools. If this is not installed, Director gives and error to say that you cant export on a pre-release version of xcode(or something like that).


                                    2. You have to get your provisioning sorted out on the developer site and then load the provisioning file into Xcode (this is the .mobileprovision file). If you don't do this then it will look like director is creating the ios.ipa file but it just wont be there when you look for it.


                                    Hope this helps some of the newbies to the ios environment. If your xcode is not setup then publishing from Director will not work.


                                    Glad to see Director has some new wind in its sails. I have been using it since version 2.



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                                      oldschoolmx Level 1

                                      Vaughn, I very much appreciate your post.


                                      One would think that Adobe might provide a step-by-step, but I'm pessimistic about that.


                                      If someone could do a video tutorial or a step-by-step that would be awesome. I'm further behind you all, but if I finally do get a chance to play with the iOS export, maybe I'll do a tut myself.


                                      I did use my new Director 12 to create a windows and mac app this week. Enterprise stuff, but it was nice to be able to so quickly pull something together that made the client happy.