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    Flash Player installation and update questions and answers

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      How do I verify that I have the latest version of Flash Player?


      If you receive a message that tells you that Flash Player is out of date or a new version of Flash Player is available, you can verify this by visiting the Flash Player Help page with your browser.


      Simply click the "Check Now" button and you'll be presented with a short message and detailed information regarding your Flash Player installation.



      Where should I download the latest version of Flash Player?


      Because malware authors will often employ misleading tactics to make malware look like something you should trust, it's important to get your Flash Player updates directly from Adobe.


      Please verify that your Flash Player downloads and updates come from only the adobe.com or macromedia.com domains.  You can always download the latest version of Flash Player directly from https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer



      I've selected the automatic update option in Flash Player, why do I continue to get update notifications?


      Periodically, users are presented with the Flash Player update dialog notifying them that a new version of Flash Player is available for download from adobe.com.


      update dialog.PNG


      The automatic update mechanism is used for some updates, security patches that address zero-day vulnerabilities and when users, who have selected to be updated automatically, have not updated within 45 days after a regularly scheduled update release of Flash Player.



      What should I expect when I receive notification that Flash Player has an update available?


      When a major update to Flash Player becomes available you will be presented with a Flash Player update dialog


      update dialog.PNG


      After reviewing new features, pressing the Download button will open your default browser and load the Install Adobe Flash Player page.




      Clicking the "Update now" or "Install Now" button will then take you to the next page which will start the download process and give instructions for completing the Flash Player install.




      Finally, once the installation is complete your browser will display a page confirming a successful installation.




      If you encounter installation problems, we recommend you review our Windows and Mac OS installation help documents. Further questions and information can be found on the Flash Player installation forums.



      Why does Adobe Flash Player installer include the option to download additional software?


      Adobe offsets the ongoing development costs of Flash Player, which is made available for free, by offering users the option to download select software from Adobe partners.



      What options do I have when installing or updating Flash Player?

      You have a few different options available when updating Flash Player. We recommend that you choose "Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended)" when initially setting up Flash Player




      or by going into the Flash Player control panel and choosing this option in the Advanced tab.




      Once selected, most updates will occur in the background without requiring any interaction. For those regularly scheduled major update releases, you will be presented with an update notification dialog


      update dialog.PNG


      If you decide not to update, you will receive an automatic update within 45 days if you have the "Allow Adobe to install updates" option selected. Please note that when this update occurs, only Flash Player will be installed.


      If you want to be notified about every Flash Player update, select "Notify me to install updates" when initially installing Flash Player or from the Advanced tab in the Flash Player control panel.


      Finally, if you'd prefer not to receive any updates, select "Never check for updates (not recommended)". We do not recommend this option as we believe keeping your system up to date improves both security and stability when using Flash Player.



      For network Administrators we offer additional update options, including the ability to host your own internal Flash Player update server. Please see our Flash Player distribution page and Flash Player Administrator guide for details.