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    Photoshop CS2 for Win 7 won't recognize file type

    bkwater Level 1

      I scanned some images using Phtoshop CS2 and saved them in Photoshope as jpgs. But apparently photoshop interpretted the end of the file name that I typed as a file extension - so a file that was called Portrait-06.22.1999 - was saved as a "1999" file as opposed to a jpg file. I can view these images in Windows Photo Viewer or Windows Live Photo gallery but they won't open in Photoshop. How do I change the file type so photoshop will recognize them? I tried just to add a JPG extension to the name of the file but that did not work. Also those photos that had this problem but were listed under "open recent" - I was able to get back in and save again as jpg and now they are fine. What to do with the others? Is there a trick or something I need to download? Thanks.