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    Upload Muse site to BC


      I currently own a Creative Cloud membership and I have been using Muse for a while now.


      The problem is: if I want to create an e-commerce site right now with Muse. So I am trying to make a quick demo to show it to my client, but I just can't.


      If I publish my site using Muse it takes me to a "limited" control panel with no e-commerce button available (which is very uncool btw). If you have to push the site live anyway to get your free web basic bc site that comes with creative cloud, why can't we preview all of BC's features? I hope I am missing something or doing something wrong.


      So I made a new adobe account logged in to BC, all buttons available for trial, but I'm clueless on how to bring my Muse template/site to this new BC account.


      Any helpful links/info is appreciated.

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          Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Muse can not really do any form of medium to complex sites, it is not made for that. It is a tool to allow graphic designers to produce some form of website and while it uses BC to host it, it is more of a static site then anything else.


          You are now going into the realms of proper website design and development and one of the reasons I personally hate muse is the fact it teaches you nothing of this.

          You now need to know how to create templates and layouts and leand Business Catalyst itself and there is heaps to learn. Product layouts, the mangement, the setup, the javascript stuff you will need to produce etc.

          Linking to things really depends on your knowledge. Good with HTML, CSS, Javascript already?

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            Seruhio Level 1

            I usually use DW, but Muse is great for mock ups or easy designs.


            In this case since its an ecommerce site my client wants to see it in action so a PS mock up isn't enough. I thought I could just make a quick Muse site to show him, but I guess I'll have to find another way to show him what BC can do.

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              Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Why you do photoshop designs and if you grow a portfolio of work you can show eCommerce running that you have done etc.

              Muse is quite good as a basic mockup tool too I guess but not really for things like eCommmerce.

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                Seruhio Level 1

                The problem is this client wants to see how his products will look like. So he really wants a working mockup. He is a picky one heh.


                And I only do PS designs as mockups before I get to coding. It's just fast and easy and works for me.

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                  Anshul.sharma Adobe Employee

                  Hi Seruhio


                  Sites published with Muse are on a webBasics plan and that is the reason why you see limited features, however you can contact BC support and ask to change the site plan from webBasics to webCommerce, the plan that includes e-commerce so you can test it out.


                  To submit a case and request the plan upgrade click on Manage while on Muse and with the project opened, then on the opening page that takes you into the admin console of your site published on BC, click on the top right corner button "Help and Support", from there click on "Submit a case".


                  OR as a quick workaround,you may follow this :


                  1. When you have published your first BC site, a free partner portal has been generated for you. As a Creative Cloud user, you do not need it, as all your BC sites are listed in Creative Cloud.

                  Your free partner portal can be reached using www.businesscatalyst.com/partnerportal and your AdobeID & password

                  ( make sure to use the adobe id you used to purchase Creative cloud)


                  2. Once you are logged in create new site > use option start from scratch > Choose plan to create an WebCommerce site. ( NOTE : The site you create cannot be included in free sites, hence from partner portal you can also select under the Clients tab the site you want to update, click on it and select "Upgrade Site", choose the payyment method and plan and that should be all. (plans listed here :  http://www.businesscatalyst.com/pricing )


                  FYI, This site you create under free parter portal you get with Creative Coud will show up when you will choose to publish from Muse in the list of the available sites.


                  3. Now you may define/add ecommerce option like products, catalogs etc  to the site's admin/manage area and then call the modules to show the products/catalogs in site you creating is muse.  check this tutorial it may help :  http://tv.adobe.com/watch/muse-feature-tour/muse-advanced-cms-integration/


                  You'll be able to use the Object > insert HTML... and paste the code/modules for catalogs and products . like shown here : http://prntscr.com/u1vnu


                  I hope the information helps



                  Anshul Sharma

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                    Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Has there been changes to allow this now then?

                    This was a flat out no, not possible before. Can you verify this and confirm this for everyone.

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                      Seruhio Level 1

                      Anshul gave the correct answer. It works.

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                        Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        I would like to clear this up because I can link the FAQ written by them here which clearly states you can not and even the Alexandru has chimed in on this one.

                        IF so cool, its a change. But it would be good to get this in writing as I can then update the info myself if need be.

                        Clarrification is always key, commincation. Something the BC guys still not got sorted yet

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                          Seruhio Level 1

                          I agree, BC documentation seems to be all over the place and nothing is organized or easy to find for a newbie. Even with all the videos in Adobe TV, I always end up with many questions and I have to search online for answers.


                          Anyway I unmarked as correct Anshul's answer. Why? I haven't been able to test it out 100%.


                          His quick workaround worked for me. I am now able to work on an ecommerce site with my creative cloud account. And the site does show up on the drop down publish menu within Muse. I've been very busy with work but I will try to update this as soon as I can.

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                            Any updates on this discussion? I'm a cloud member, have built several sites with Muse, now need eCommerce. I figured I would have to build a separate site in BC, then add a link from one site to the other. Is there a better way? Thanks!

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                              Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              If you need ecommerce then you need to rebuild your site using an ecommerce plan. What you wil be paying per year for that site it is would be crazy to h

                              We've two do domains and sites you are linking too.