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    Newbie question

    Xavi Colomer Level 1
      Hello people,

      I've made a banner in Flash and I like to use it in a web application made in flex 3. The Banner loads two XMLs and then starts to load some Images randomly, with loading bars, etc... I don't know why when I try the application in flash all works ok, and when I try the movie it stops loading the second XML. I have the XML files in the same folder of the swf, and I copied in the bin folder for the correct execution under flex.

      I have some questions:

      Can I avoid to do that copy every time I modify an XML? I know I can add a source folder (c:\dkljdskfs) but when I upload the application will change (www.sdsfsdfsdf) and I'll have to change it all again.

      How can I find a tutorial about changing compiler options????

      Please help me to solve this problems

      Thank you for read