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    Misleading and unpleasant experience:




      I created a form (a survey) under the Free Forms account.


      I then hit the 50 person limit and decided based on this information from the 'View Responses' page:


      "50 responses (500 maximum) >> Basic usage quota exceeded - Upgrade Now for additional responses"


      Because of this, I upgraded my account.


      After I upgraded I did not receive any new responses from my survey, it was stuck at 50.


      The message above still displayed. I quote from the help button that recommended I upgrade:


      Under the "?" button adjacent to the above word choice:


      "We will collect additional responses (up to 7,500), but to view them you will need to upgrade to a premium account."


      I purchased a premium account because I wanted to see my additional responses. Your Customer Service Reps have informed me that I cannot view these responses despite upgrading, simply because the original form was created from a Free account.


      I'm astonished that Adobe would advertise a service, and when I take them up on their offer - they don't hold up their end of the bargain.


      I'm currently in the middle of attempting to get a refund for my month purchase.


      I recommend others to either immediately upgrade (to be fair, its a great service!), or to look elsewhere.



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          TravisRehl Level 1



          They have refunded my money.


          After logging back in I can now see over 50 responses.

          From my chat with the CSR: "

          Saravanan: I would like to inform that if the form is created using the Free account of the Forms Central then you will be able to view the 50 responses as it is the limited responses for the free service form created."


          I feel like the CSR's are not trained on this. And I'm unsure of who to believe now.

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            RandySwineford Adobe Employee


            When you purchase the service the application UI doesn't always update right away. It can in some situations take a minute - the transaction from the store can take a little time to get to us. Just so others know, if you sign out and sign back in you should see the correct UI.


            When you do upgrade you will get access to additional responses (500 or 5k based on the plan). For a free account we actually internally store a few additional responses above the 50 limit so they are not lost while you are going through the upgrade process. Once you upgrade you will see them.


            I apologize for any confusion this may have caused you.