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    Premiere Pro Sudden Lag?


      So I have been using premiere pro for awhile now, and all the sudden I am receiving sudden video/graphics lag on my clips while editing. I have other projects that I have completed that do not lag at all whatsoever. Today I went to start a new project, using all the same exact settings I have used before. I import my footage(from my DSLR that I have always used) and 3-5 seconds into the clip, it starts to lag and continues throughout the whole video. Now heres the catch. If i render this video it will work fine, and not lag one bit. I have not added any effects, or anything at all to my project. I started the project exactly how I have before, imported 1 video(MOV file) from my DSLR and set it in my timeline, and it lags. Have tried restarting my computer. I have 2 drives both of which have over 300GB of free space. Any help please? Anyone know whats wrong? I have added a downloaded preset to my presets and that is it which I have now deleted.


      I have been reading these forums, and the closest thing I came across is something about the work area bar not limiting how much timeline could be rendered at one time? How do i change/set/edit this? Or what does this mean??


      I'm actually thinking about re-installing Premiere Pro, It was worked fine for years before this, and I did nothing different!