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    Presenter fails to install with eLearning 6

    Nealf21 Level 1

      I cannot get Presenter to install when I install eLearning suite 6.

      The installer keeps saying, "Previous version of Presenter is already installed." But it is not. 


      I tried the solution listed here: http://blogs.adobe.com/captivate/2012/08/resolution-adobe-presenter-8-installer-issue.html

      Neither reg file helped.


      I completely deleted eL 6 and reinstalled.  I unstalled Office and reinstalled.  Neither worked.


      Any suggestions?

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          Nealf21 Level 1

          Here is how I solved the problem.


          I deleted all the folders and files related to Presenter 7 or 8 in

          C Drive> Users > Your User Name>App Data > Local > Adobe >

          and App Data > Roaming > Adobe >


          I uninstalled office 2010, rebooted, the reinstalled office 2010, and rebooted again. I uninstalled eLearning Suite, rebooted, then reinstall eLearning Suite 6 and rebooted again.


          When I opened PowerPoint, I still did not have Presenter. However,  I found the Presenter add-in was installed but disabled. (I have been checking all along to see if the add-in was disabled.)


          I re-enabled the Presenter add-in.  Now Presenter seems to be working.