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    Using WARP with minimal cropping/scaling


      Hi, Im using PPCS6 on an iMac.  Im trying to slightly stablize hand held DSLR footage using WARP.  the goal is to just reduce some of the high frequence shake, but leave the low frequency "swing" alone, and keep the crop or scaling below 108%.  I have a clip  that was shot while I was walking, and when the smooness is set to 1%  and smooth cam method, Im still getting an auto scale factor of 125%- too much.  Of coures if I limit the autoscale, then I get cropping, which is also no good.  Is there anything else to try?  Im just trying to smooth out the shake by the amount you would expect with an optically stabilized lens (my Nikon 20-55 2.8 has no stabilization)