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    using radio button as a submit button

    HandersonVA Level 1
      <cfoutput query="bqry02">
      <input type="radio" id="airtravel" name="airtravel" value="#index_id#" <cfif index_id EQ variables.airtravelholder> checked="checked"</cfif> onclick="javascript:document.rqiyform.airtravel.value='#bqry02.index_id#';document.rqiyfo rm.submit();" />#bqry02.description#

      This is a radio button for air travel: yes or no.
      If yes, then the value is 155 and if no, then the value is 156 from database.

      If one of the radio button is clicked, it will redirect to a different page no matter what the selected button is clicked again.
      But when the selected button is clicked again, I do not want it to redirect to a different page and just stay the same page. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks.