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    Edge comp , embedded in another Edge comp, using iFrame, getting cropped


      Hi all

      I mentioned this in another thread yesterday, and had some great advice from Schrene, but I've still not solved it.

      I'm giving it its own thread as I need to get this sorted today for a demo.

      Really grateful for any help that can solve it..


      I'm trying to build a simple 'player' that allows the user to navigate through 'pages' that are loaded in response to navigation buttons.

      Player and embedded pages are all individual Edge compositions. Player uses an iFrame to load pages.


      I've got the basics working ...   << and >> buttons load in prev or next page, in place of current page.

      The idea is for the player and pages to be responsive, which I've not figured yet.

      But my main problem is that although the container object on the player stage (for the iFrame) is set to the full width of the stage,

      my pages are being cropped to something much smaller when they get loaded.

      As a page loads theres even a white flash of a rectangle thats the same size as cropping area.


      Each (resonsive) page has a square in each corner. But because of cropping I only see the squate that is top LHS.


      Any help / advice appreciated.



      Heres the files ..