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          I have automated emails that are sent out at regular intervals using the cfmail tag, but sometimes they aren't delivered to the recipient. I think it happens when something happens to the server preventing emails from being sent out, the mail server is an Exchange server. I can't  find the undelivered emails in the mail logs - the sent and error logs - and it doesn't look like they were sent at all. Will the failto attribute in the cfmail tag and/or the cfmailparam name="Disposition-Notification-To" attribute send me an email when emails are not sent or is there any other way of finding out automatically?

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            On the server in the ColdFusion folder there should be a folder called /mail/undelivr (or something similar) that contains all the emails that (for whatever reason) didn't go out.  I think you can just move them into the spool folder and they'll retry.


            As far as logs, there should be a log in CFAdmin called "mailsent.log" that (I think) also contains error messages.


            Hope this helps.



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              What is the cfmail tag current capacity under CF 9.0.1? How can I determine this for our system? We need to sent out about 1000 e-mails per minute in the peak times. Will cfmail be able to handle this?