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    Multicam Audio


      What happens to my audio when I make a multicam sequence?  I have two clips (a and b cam) with three mono tracks of audio (three different lavs from set).  When I multicam the two clips, I get a multicam sequence with only one track of audio.  Even when I open it up using the open in timeline command, I am not able to see the individual tracks.  How can I keep my three channels of audio when I cut my multiclip into a sequence?  Also why is the option to send to Audition disabled on multicam sequences?  Once I've created a multipclip, how do I know what clips the multiclip was created from.  It only displays one clip in the name. 


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          Sal Spring Level 1

          Mulitcam is just for video. I always put my pure audio tracks into the MC sequence after cutting. The MC window shows you which cam each cut is from as you move the playhead in the timeline.


          The MC sequence should show Edit in Audition, but not the MC audio track. If you add your mono tracks to the MC sequence, then all will show up in Audition.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            I think more problems are created using the new multicam method than are solved.


            Create the multicam sequence the old way and you'll get all the tracks.

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              oloz2 Level 1

              Thank you for the help.  Forgive me but how do I multicam the "old way" on CS6?

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                The original method used in every other CS that offered multicam (and possibly still the superior method in CS6) is to create a sequence and add your clips to that.  Sync them up.  Create a second sequence and nest the first sequence into that.  Right click the nested clip and Enable Multicam.

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                  oloz2 Level 1

                  Thank you again Jim.  I was hoping there was another "old" way.  The only problem is after doing it the nested method,  I can't make it an independant clip and have it (nested video) inside of a project bin multicammed and connected (or merged) with all three audio tracks attached.  Correct?  Once again.  Appreciate the help.

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8