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    Error when saving to / reading from root.fpj




      we use RoboHelp HTML R9 and our project file is located on a network drive (which I know now, from reading the forum, is a very dangerous thing to to, but it was set up years ago).


      For a few weeks now, when clicking 'save all' in the project, the following errors are displayed:


      An error occurred while trying to save data to [...]root.fpj

      An error occured while trying to read data from [...]root.fpj


      When confirming them with OK, they pop up a few more times before the changes are finally saved.


      We've already had problems with missing screenshots in the chm-file, could this be related to the root-error? Is there any way we can fix the root file without having to create a new project or moving it to a local drive? We tried deleting the root.fpj so that it would be newly created by RH, which was suggested in one thread, but this made matters worse as all contents were gone.


      And does anyone already have experience with RH10 on networks? We are considering an upgrade as we have read that RH10 projects are stable on network drives.


      Thanks a lot for your help!