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    Animated Lens Flare bar - How to make

    Ken_Nielsen Level 1
      I need to be straightened around here. Any comments are gladly accepted.

      I started this project thinking I could do the layers in Photoshop and then use Flash, but Flash may not be what I need. Between Flash and Fireworks, I'm not sure which does what best. I thought Flash was for animated graphics?

      I've made the 900px by 5px bar in Photoshop with 45 layers, with a 'flare' of light moving right-to-left across the bar with a 'burst' flare at about 75% of the way through and then continuing on to the end. I did this manually, by using the airbrush with white, moving the flare along a little for each frame. previewing it in Photoshop CS3 animation layers to frames, it looks pretty good, so now I want to make a 'professional' version.

      I was advised on the Photoshop forums to get Fireworks, now I'd like to jump in and at least do a simple rendition of this bar. Is there a tutorial to help me get the features working that will need in order to do this. Any similar effect tutorial would help also.

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          pixlor Level 4
          45 layers? Goodness.

          You want an animation.

          You can open this image with Fireworks and export an animated GIF, yes. "All" you would have to do is set it up to have each flare image as a different frame and your background image shared across all frames. As with all GIF images you'll be limited to 256 colors.

          If you wanted to do the flare in Flash, you'd probably redraw it in Flash. Flash is a vector format that supports keyframing and other animation concepts. You would import your background image, then draw a vector flare in Flash and set it to move across the background, changing size at the 75% mark. I don't know if it would be possible to import an image of an airbrushed flare on a transparent background and move that across the background. You should probably ask on the Flash forum, but I expect you might even get a smaller final image with this method. Plus you won't be limited to the 256 colors that you will with a GIF.

          Download the trial versions of each program and give them a whirl. As far as tutorials, um, I don't really know of one off the top of my head. When I make animations, it's pretty clear what to do, or I'll look in the help files. If you need more info, search the Web.