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    Full screen slider with content change


      Hi all,


      I am trying to create a full screen slider in Adobe Edge - something similar to this:




      I did try and just plug this into edge with a yepnope but it doesnt seem to work.  I'm not sure if thats necessarily the right option anyway as I want to change some of the content overlayed on the image depending on the slide being shown (e.g. if the background image is dark, then the text over it would goto a light/white colour for readability - view the next slide and it's a light image, and the text/content darkens).


      I could do this all within edge using animations and the timeline, but I have a feeling that if I was to do full screen images like this (there could potentially be a fair few images) it's going to cause serious lag/slowdown.


      Anyone have any ideas how to either input and adapt the supersized example above, or create a light but effective version within edge maybe using append?


      Any help would be very much appreciated!