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    disk arrangement




      I've read al lot of stuff about drives for editing, same goes for raid solutions. But after day's of reading i'm still at 0


      My question is what to do with my 6 hard drives?? I'm using premiere and AE most of the time and working with dslr files. My system is as follow:


      i7 950 oc'd to 4Ghz

      12gb ram

      hd5850 and gtx 470

      1 128gb ssd

      1 1tb 7200rpm caviar black

      1 2tb 5400rpm caviar green

      1 320gb 7200rpm hitachi deskstar

      2 320 gb 7200rpm samsung f1


      What to do??? I was considering to put the 2 f1's in raid 0 for my raw media files to read from. My os and programs are ufcourse on the ssd, and de 2tb hdd is for export and backups.


      I really don't know what the best solution is for speed. backups are important but all the media files are also backedup on an other location outside my house.




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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A 5400rpm green is good only for backups, not actual work

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            It's unfortunate your largest drive is also the slowest.  Here's what I'd do.


            System - 128 GB SSD

            Projects - 320 GB

            Scratch - 320 GB

            Media - 1 TB

            Exports - 320 GB

            Backup and Archive - 2 TB

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              ybjlus Level 1



              This was also a bit of my idea for a non raid solution. But my question is why not go for an raid solution? Would it not give me an speed advantage?


              In other words, why did you choose for single drives instead of raid 0/3/5??



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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Jim is not a big favorite of striped arrays, because of the inherent risk of complete data loss. As he set it up with projects and scratch on separate disks, there is no benefit for combining those disks into a raid0. Sure, the speed of the raid volume is almost double that of individual disks, but with two major parts of your disk use, projects and scratch fighting over the same bandwidth, there is no tangible benefit, only increased risk of data loss. At least I think that is what Jim intended to say.


                In practice there may be a slight advantage of raiding those two 320 disks, but the benefit will be small and the risks double.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 9

                  What Harm said.