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    ..\..\Src\AudioRender\AudioPrefetch.cpp-99   error message and what caused it.

    Andrew_S Level 3

      I found that when I zoomed into the sequence a lot using the +- keys, that the error message "..\..\Src\AudioRender\AudioPrefetch.cpp-99" kept jumping out at me. It was the last 3 steps of zooming in or out that brought the error message up on screen - a lot of times. It was only happening in one sequence in a particular project. I tried the suggestions for similar error messages that I found on this forum, but I eventually realised that in this project I had a WMV file (PowerPoint exported as a WMV file) which also had *audio* with it. (All the other sequences have WMV files but without audio.)


      Going to the troublesome sequence and deleting the sound track from the WMV file fixed the problem. Next, I deleted the WMV file and put it back again. No error message. I then dropped the audio level to zero using the yellow line and the problem came back.


      There is one other thing, the PowerPoint WMV file is 30fps and I’m in PAL land, so I interpreted the frame rate to 25fps. (So that PowerPoint transitions and movements etc. are smoother). I re-imported the original 30fps WMV file and put that in the sequence as 30 fps. Lowered the audio level to zero, and zoomed into the sequence. No error messages.

      So it looks like a combination of WMV file, interpreting the footage and lowering the audio level to zero that caused this problem.
      Do I need to post this somewhere so that Adobe gets to see this bug? (OK it is a rather unlikely combination of events.)