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    Designing for print, tablets and interactive pdfs at the same time


      Hi everyone,

      I have a large document of proposal master pages that I would like to update with CS6. My usual work flow, when I need to make a new proposal, is to open a new document and just move over the master pages I need. This depends on which products they want, etc. Then I override the master pages in the new document and make whatever customizations I need for that particular customer.


      Now with CS6, I'm thinking that I will just have the pages be pages (with fewer masters). I will make an alternate layout directed at each market segment we have, and also these pages for tablets and interactive PDFs. (Sometimes we are asked to provide a digital copy of proposals). Then, when I have a new proposal to do, I will do a Save As and make a copy of the main doc. Then I will just delete all the pages and the alternate layouts I don't need.


      A few questions:

      1. How do I set up my "intent." Most of these master pages are two pages, so I think the digital publishing intent messes that up.

      2. Do you think this new set up would make the file huge? I have had size issues in the past and the file is already very sluggish.

      3. Is this the best way to go about this work flow?


      Thank you guys so much. This forum has been so helpful to me!