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    Export Frame (shift + E) Malfunction

    BGPictures Level 1

      When using shift + E (or the camera icon on the Program Monitor) to export a frame, PrP CS6.0.2 on Mac OS 10.8.2 exports a black frame instead of the current playback frame.


      This only occurs when an audio-only sequence is open on another monitior (not tabbed).


      The only way to get PrP to export the correct frame from my Assemble Edit is to tab my audio-sequence behind my Assemble Edit; but this is not how I work. I am working with extensive ADR from a sound session, and want to have my audio organized on one monitor, and my video/Assembly organized on another.


      No matter how I tell PrP to focus on my Assembly (in/out, selecting tracks, clicking directly on the picture in the program monitor) PrP still choses to export a black frame instead of the frame I want.


      Anyone have any ideas on how to override PrP's behavior in this respect (aside from stacking my ADR sequences behind my Assembly in tabs)?