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    creating shadows down side of page

      Hi there

      would somebody please help me, I've been following the adobe tech notes on how to use background images and css . I've created a wrapper.jpg as the wrapper shadow image, so I now have a page with a shadow going down the left and right side of the page. this is the tect note I'm following http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/css_bgimages_pt3.html )

      I've done what the tech note says, but what I cant find out is how to make the shadow go to the botton of the page. like when you put a table at Height 100% so it stay to the bottom of the page! I've tried changing the values in the css to 100% but this make the image(wrapper.gif) to a smaller size completely.

      does anyone know what I'm to do I'm sure its something really simple! heres an example of the shadows downside of the page http://www.ntlworld.com/