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    Installing Flex Builder 2 problem

    Steve Pruitt Level 1
      Has anyone had problems in the FB2 installer getting past identifying the Eclipse folder? I enter what should be a valid folder. It contains Eclipse 3.3. The folder is the top level folder containing both the .exe and configuration folder.

      But, I get an error stating I must choose a folder with 3.1 or greater and containing the standard configuration folder. The folder I enter meets all criteria, yet it is rejected.

      I use the Chooser... button to select the following folder.

      C:\Program Files\eclipse
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          Yes I tried that to work around my problem Flex Builder crashing. My Eclipse 3.3 install works fine, Flex Builder will not even start. The plug-in installer would not get past that same screen, I downloaded 3.2 and it installed fine, I assume it checks the version and 3.3 is not supported.