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    Import Fireworks Rollover Help

      I'm using Fireworks/Director MX 2004, and have created a PNG in Fireworks with simple image swap behavior, tied to hotspots. Specifically, I have an image on which I've created several hotspots that swap the image to one that has text on it, which indicates the component of the image the cursor is on. For example, imagine a picture of a car: when the cursor is over the wheel, the image is swapped for one that contains the text "Wheel". When I preview the behavior in Fireworks, everything performs as expected.

      I have looked up the specific instructions for importing images into Director from Fireworks, and have followed said instructions, but have been unable to successfully import. When I export the file, I am left with an HTML file and a folder containing the various layers, each saved as PNG files. And when I subsequently attempt to import this HTML file into Director, the appropriate 'base' image is there, however it does not retain any of the rollover behavior.

      Am I missing something here?

      Thanks in advance for your help!

      - Brandon