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    Pre-loading the next swf

    Rick Cesar



      i gonna tell the situation from the very beginning:


      I'm doing a book, wich each chapter is separated by swf (chapter_1.swf, chapter_2.swf, etc).

      In the final of each swf, he calls the next by the command: _root.loadMovie("next.swf")

      (PS: i'm not using the MovieClip load method)


      The problem is; when the swf are uploaded on my server, and i click to load the next swf, my screen goes blank while he download it.


      All i want to do, is pre-load the next swf, while the user is reading the actual chapter, to avoid this blank screen time. Is it possible?


      I read something about getBytesLoaded/Total, but don't know how to execute it.




      Please explain it clear cuz i'm new with this. And thank you very much for the support!