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    Layers in PS Touch for phone

    janelle_f Adobe Employee

      Layers in PS Touch for phone


      Create a new layer


      Tap Layers. Then tap Add Layer, and select the layer type.


      add layer.jpg


      Changing layer visibility


      Tap the small circle on the layer thumbnail to hide the layer. Tap the circle again to show it.


      make layers visible.jpg


      Changing layer order


      Layer thumbnails are stacked from top to bottom. To change layer order, drag layer thumbnails up or down in the stack. A white box around the layer indicates the active layer.


      layer order.jpg


      Viewing layers in 3D


      Double-tap any layer for a 3D view. Pan the image to view the layers at different angles. Press X to exit the 3D view.


      view layers in 3d.jpg