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    Selections in PS Touch for phone

    janelle_f Adobe Employee

      Selections in PS Touch for phone


      Making a selection


      Select the Rectangular Marquee tool. Drag a rectangle onto the image. The moving border indicates a selection.


      When moving a selection, you are moving the selection area, not selected pixels. To move the pixels in a selected area, use the Transform tool.


      making a selection.jpg




      To deselect the area, tap once outside the selection or choose Edit > Deselect.


      deselect a selectiong.jpg


      Clearing a selection


      To remove the image inside of a selection, tap Edit > Clear.




      Adding to or removing from a selection


      Create a selection. Tap Mode. Tap Remove from Selection to select and remove areas from the current selection. Tap Add to Selection to select and add areas to the current selection. Tap the button again to change modes.


      adding or removing a selection.jpg


      Feathering a selection


      To create a soft-edged selection, you will "feather" it. Create a selection, then tap Edit > Feather.


      In the Feather dialog, move the slider left or right to affect the softness of the selection edge. Tap the check to finish.


      feathering a selection.jpg