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    Cannot get verbose connector logging to work in CF10


      Windows 2008 R2 server, using the IIS connector, new CF10 install with all updates applied.  I am following the directions listed here-



      I made the change to set log_level = debug in the isapi_redirect.properties file and have restarted the server several times.  However, now nothing is logged in the isapi_redirect.log since that change.  The last log entry is the 'stopping' [info] message.  I have tried settings the log_level value to trace, but that doesn't appear to work either.  When I change the log_level value back to info and restart, logging resumes.


      We are attempting to troubleshoot what appears to be a connector issue, where some custom header fields are not available in ColdFusion (Bug #3340564).


      Any ideas?  Does the debug level connector logging work for you all?