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    Overset text box question



      I upgraded to CS6 from CS5.5 (windows 7-64)


      After opening a indesign 5.5 document in 6.  Many of the text boxes become 'overset' when trying to alter the text with in the cells etc etc.


      Also, deleting or find and replacing the text also changes the box to overset. 


      Just as strange, even trying to re-size the box creates the overset.


      before.JPG  after.JPG


      all I did here was drag the corner




      Has anyone else run accross this?


      any ideas on how to fix or work around?



      PS: tried the file on multiple machines with same results.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          This isn't terribly surprising. The text engine usually changes from version to version so text flow won't be exactly the same. When you open an old file in a new version, though, ID will not recompose the story until you actually try to work with it in some way, hence the change when you altered the frame.