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    copy and paste into response spreadsheet


      Is it possible to copy docs/pdfs into a cell in the response spreadsheet? I want to keep a copy of our response to a question sent to us via Forms Central.

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          Brian Havlin Adobe Employee



          You can insert files into a table cell, but not through copy/paste. Try the following:


          1. Open your form

          2. Switch to the View Responses tab

          3. Select one of the cells in the response table then click the Table > Add Column After menu item

            - this creates the column in which you will store your files

          4. Click the "Table" button in the toolbar, highlighted in red in the screenshot below

          - this shows the toolbar that allows you to modify the type of the data stored in the column




          5. Use the first drop-down control in the toolbar to change the data type from "General" to "File"

          - this allows you to insert one or more files into the column cells

          6. Select the cell into which the file(s) should be inserted then click the "Insert File" button

          7. In the Insert File dialog, select one or more files

            - the files will be uploaded to the FormsCentral




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            actrich1 Level 1

            Thank you so much!


            I'm embarassed that I couldn't figure that out after 30 minutes of looking.

            Your email probably saved me several hours of additional frustration.

            Thanks again,