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    Index.htm file


      RoboHelp 8 > WebHelp


      I'm having difficulities viewing my project in a Web browser (IE 8) because it is missing the index.htm file.  How do I add this file to my project so that it appears in the SSL! folder?

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          Jeff_Coatsworth MVP

          Are you talking about the actual index or the start page for the generated help? If it's the latter, then you specify that in your SSL recipe.

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            attm&pmanger Community Member

            I'm not sure.  My server admin says the reason I get the Not Found page in my browser is because the index.htm file is missing. 


            I'm having issues due to a recent PC reimage and reinstallation of RH8.   


            If it's the latter, how do I update my SSL recipe?

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              Jeff_Coatsworth MVP

              just right click on the SSL layout you use and check the properties; it's one of the first questions you get in the WebHelp (not WebHelp Pro) layout

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                attm&pmanger Community Member

                That didn't work.  I noticed that when I compile I and enable active X, my TOC disappears. 


                Additionally, I've searched all my project backups, and there are plenty, and I wasn't able to find an index.html file.  My project is currently live on our production server and index.html appears at the end of the master URL (ex: http://xxx.xxx/xxx/xxxx/index.htm).


                Any additional thoughts or suggestions on how to resolve?

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                  moszapy1 Community Member

                  Hi attm&pmanger,


                  In RH8 the start page of output was by-default having the name of project. Did you change the start page name to index.htm?


                  In order to confirm this please open the SSL properties in RH8. There will be a text field named "Select output folder and Start page". PLease observe this field, this path shows the name and location of start page. You can copy the name of file displayed in this field to your production server location. Now access the help from production server using this file name.

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                    RoboColum(n) Community Member

                    Just so it is clear the default with any new project is to make the file name used to launch the help the same as the project name. For example if you project is called project the file is project.htm. However in web circles it is common - indeed good practice - to make the start page index.htm. This could be what your web admin peeps are looking for. So if you haven't specified this in the SSL the actual start file will be <projectname>.htm.

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                      Peter Grainge ACP/MVPs

                      @RoboColum(n) The poster is using Rh8 so what you say is correct. However, to avoid anyone reading your reply out of context, that changed in Rh9 and new projects are assigned the default of index.htm.


                      See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips




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                        attm&pmanger Community Member

                        How do I do that - open the SSL properties in RH8?

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                          Jeff_Coatsworth MVP

                          in the SSL pod you should see the list of various help outputs - find the one that you use (it's probably marked as the default or primary layout), right-click on it and check the Properties

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                            attm&pmanger Community Member

                            My project is called Conversion_Worklists.  What apperas in the Select Output Folder and Start Page field in RH8 is (path to harddrive)\TRACS Master\!SSL!\WebHelp\Conversion-Worklists.htm 


                            However, what appears in my web browswer is domain/tracs/tracs/webhelp/index.htm


                            Also, now my TOC disappears after compiling and enabling active X controls in my IE8 Web browser. (I'm not sure what going on, but I bet it's something simple that I can't think of.  I've never encountered this issue before.)

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                              Peter Grainge ACP/MVPs

                              How is the help getting from your !SSL! folder to the server?


                              Key point is you are creating a start page Conversion-Worklists.htm and the developer is calling index.htm. I rather puzzled as to how you are getting anything.


                              See www.grainge.org for RoboHelp and Authoring tips