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    Share Word import style mapping with other users?

    shutterbuggpro Level 1

      I have laboriously set up custom style mapping for importing Word files from our managing editor. I saved my settings as a preset. Now I need to share these setting with the layout artist. Is there a way to do this? Otherwise I'll have to sit down at her workstation and do it all over again. Yes, it would be nice if the ME would use the correct styles in Word, but that's not going to happen.




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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I can find it on a Mac. It's at this path:


          <home> > Library > Preferences > Adobe InDesign > Version [your number] > en_US > Word Import Presets (In later versions of the Mac OS X, hold down the Option key while selecting Go > Library to open the Home Library folder.)


          The file has the extension .smp


          If you're on Windows, maybe someone can discover where the Preferences are found on your OS.