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    Frame designs

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      If there is a better place to post this, I'd appreciate anyone telling me... but since frames were mentioned here I'm going to post my question. Is there a way to add frame designs to InDesign so they are accessible from within InDesign over and over? Also wondering about adding additional stroke options and additional corner options. Thanks in advance!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I've branced this to a new discussion and changed the title.


          I'm not sure waht you mean by Frame Designs, so it's going to be difficult to answer without some clarification. You can create custom Stroke Styles and perhaps that's what you mean. You can read about them in the Help files. Don't expect miracles, though. ID doen't have the same sort of custom stroke capabilities you'd find in Illustrator.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            Additonal to Peters answer you can set up often used object designs as Object Styles.

            You can use also Library Files (INDL) to reuse previously designed objects or do the same with sinippets from Bridge or Finder/Explorer.