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    Text boxes disappearing


      I am working on an iMac using InDesign CS5.5


      Very randomly text boxes will disappear or lock up. There seems to be no rhymn or reason to it either. I have resaved my documents, restarted my computer and even tried to relink everything and move documents to different locations on my hardrive, but to no avail. The oddest thing is that when I close InDesign and then open the document again, different text boxes will be there and others that once were there will be gone. POOF!


      When I output a PDF, everything is there! It's so frustrating! Like every other graphic designer, I am under a deadline and just CANNOT figure out what the hell is going on. I've even thought that maybe having Word open at the same time could be the problem?? But after restarting my computer and not opening Word, the problem persists.


      Has anyone ever experienced this gliche? And better yet, has anyone found a solution?