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    Indesign CS6 crashes when opening multiple documents


      Only recently, Indesign has started crashing when I open multiple documents.

      Nothing new has been installed on the computer as far as I know.

      I've tried trashing the preferences, accessing the files locally, wiping the computer and diaognosing the iMac hardware... without success.

      It's slightly more stable, as in it doesn't crash everytime now but instead more randomly than before.


      Program has never crashed with one document open.

      Interesting thing is if several files are open, then I close then individually, then close down fine. If I try to quit and close all of them in one go, Indesign crashes.

      Also occasionally has problems displaying links, eg. displays a grey box instead of an eps file.


      I have several crash log files in case someone is able to decipher them.

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          1. Is there any reason to use eps? Avoid it use AI, PSD or PDF instead.

          2. Are all used fonts ok? What kind of fonts du you use?

          3. Which Mac OS X do you use?


          Does it crash with alwayst the same files?

          What does the file history tell you? Hold down the command key and got to InDesign > About InDesign… Does it tell you somewhat more specific, like missing plugins, severly damaged files and restored files, when (in which version) the files have been created first (helps often to export to IDML and open this again and save it as INDD and work with the new file.), has the problematic file been converted from another application (Quark Xpress or PageMaker), etc.